Museum Association

The “Andreas Hofer Talmuseum Sandhof” Museum Association, formed in 1995, set itself the aim of replacing the Hofer memorial room, a feature of the Sandhof Inn for many years, with a museum with a contemporary orientation.
This Hofer museum was equally intended as a museum for the valley, with a collection of items depicting the life of the Passeier’s rural communities.
Association members include the municipalities of St. Martin, St. Leonhard and Moos, the “Heimatmuseum St. Martin” Association as well as the [Tiroler Matrikelstiftung] as an owner of the Sandhof.

In 1998 the Museum Association implemented its first major project. A historical farmhouse, a barn, a mill and a grain storage structure, located at other places in the valley and on the point of collapse, were carefully dismantled and reassembled at the Sandhof, marking the beginning of today’s open-air exhibition.

In 2000 a small museum area was opened on the [Pfistradalm].
At the same time the Sandhof Inn was rebuilt and opened in 2001 as the MuseumPasseier.
The ground floor housed an exhibition with items related to Andreas Hofer. There was also an animated film about Hofer’s life and his role in the Tyrolean rebellion of 1809. The upper floor was home to a section dedicated to ethnography (folk traditions).

In 2003 a branch of the Museum was opened at the Jaufenburg.

For the anniversary year of 2009, the Museum was expanded with the construction of a 500 m2 underground area. The “Heroes & Hofer” exhibition meant a completely new concept for the part of the Museum dealing with Andreas Hofer. The year 2009 also saw the opening of the [Bunker Mooseum] in Moos.

In 2013 a new permanent exhibition, Heroes & Us – a thematic extension of Heroes & Hofer – was opened on the upper floor. The exhibition of folk traditions, previously accommodated on the upper floor, from 2015 is presented in the permanent exhibition "Mier Psairer" in a building in the open-air section.