Around the Museum

The Passeier Valley is regarded as one of the most beautiful valleys in South Tyrol. From Meran to St. Leonhard it is largely flat and lies sheltered between the Sarntal Alps, the Jaufenpass range and the Texel Group Nature Park.


The valley offers plenty for an enjoyable day out besides the MuseumPasseier: a rich cultivated and natural landscape, the [Passeier cycle way] along the River Passer as well as picturesque hiking trails. The Meran High-Level Path and the European E5 Long-Distance Footpath also run through the valley. Here are a few tips for excursions from the Museum.

Hofer memorial chapel

Immediately next to the MuseumPasseier, it contains a picture cycle of the Tyrolean rebellion of 1809 and the death of Andreas Hofer. The similarities with depictions of the life of Jesus are by no means coincidental. [more...]

Fish pond at the Sandhof

The newly created fish pond next to the cycle trail offers visitors the chance to catch their dinner at weekends. There is also a children’s playground. No fishing licence is required. [more...]

Andreas Hofer circular tour

A circular path from the MuseumPasseier through the meadows to St. Leonhard, returning to the Museum from the east of the village. Gentle gradient. Time required approx. 80 minutes.


An easy walking trail with the mischievous “Norggens” as companions along the way. These cheeky figures of Tyrolean legend enrich the path with their tales. An ideal walk for children. [more...]


The remains of a medieval castle. The five-floor tower with its fine views over the valley contains 500-year old frescoes and a small exhibition. [more...]

Bunker Mooseum

A journey through time: the history of the Upper Passeier Valley is related in a bunker dating from the 1940s. Outside can be found a herd of ibexes. [more...]

The “French cemetery”

230 soldiers from the army of Napoleon are said to lie buried here. Recent excavations seem to confirm this and disprove former doubts. [more...]


Famous as the last hiding place of Andreas Hofer, the original hut burned down and was later faithfully rebuilt. Two hours on foot from St. Martin on long-distance footpath no. 5. [more...]


An Alpine meadow settlement up in a high valley. The old cheese dairy, supposedly one of the oldest wooden buildings in South Tyrol, houses a small museum dedicated to Alpine dairy farming. [more...]

The Passerschlucht path

From the MuseumPasseier by the Sandhof, the Passerschlucht path leads over the Gandellen meadows to the Bunker Mooseum at Moos. [more...]