Bunker Mooseum

Into the 1940s the Italian military built a bunker into the rock in the middle of Moos, the main settlement of the Upper Passeier Valley. There are a further five fortifications in the surrounding area. The “Moso” garrison was charged with stopping any German incursion over the Timmelsjoch Pass. The bunker has since been converted into a modern museum, taking visitors on a journey through time and the Upper Passeier Valley, beginning with the emergence of the landscape and continuing via the 10,000-year history of settlement in the area until the present day.

One section deals with everyday life in the bunker, intermingled with the major political events of the time. Audio and video stations provide further information. Another section looks at the Schneeberg mine to the north, the highest in Europe. One room is devoted to the Texel Group Nature Park, the largest of the seven Nature Parks in South Tyrol. Visitors can see a graphic relief and impressive images.

On the rocks above the bunker live ibexes. These animals are skilful climbers; a stairway allows visitors to approach them close up. For those wishing to practise their own climbing skills, there is a high ropes course and an artificial climbing wall on the outside of the museum building.


How to get there: Moos is located some 10 km from the MuseumPasseier on the road up to the Timmelsjoch Pass. The entrance to the bunker is in the village centre.

While the content of the Bunker Mooseum is separate, the museum itself is administered by the MuseumPasseier. The opening times are the same.

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