Passeier cycle way

This cycle way was one of the first in the Burggrafenamt region and it remains one of the most beautiful. The cycle track begins in the centre of Meran, at the Post Bridge. It first runs along the shady Summer Promenade, past the marble statue of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Known as “Sissi”, she stayed a total of four times in Meran at the end of the 19th century and helped the city establish itself as a spa town on the “southern balcony” of the Dual Monarchy. After some 500 metres the path rises up narrowly between houses, then immediately goes through an underpass. The traffic noise from the parallel Passeirerstrasse can be heard for another 200 metres or so, then there is just the rushing sound of the River Passer.

It continues to rise almost imperceptibly along the left bank of the Passer for 4 km until it reaches the fish hatchery. This is where the Regional Research Centre of Laimburg makes sure that the trout stocks in South Tyrol’s waters will never be exhausted. Once beyond the fish hatchery, the cycle way crosses to the right bank of the Passer and continues up the valley, sometimes on the right side, usually however on the left bank in the shade of lush vegetation. The subsoil consists mostly of firm, loamy earth with some gravel; there are no steep gradients, so children and the less fit will have no difficulties.

The villages of Riffian and Saltaus are situated high above the cycle way, but it runs past the locality of St. Martin. After approximately 18 km, the Sandhof Inn with the MuseumPasseier comes into view on the right. The cycle way ends one kilometre further on in St. Leonhard.