GARGOOO! About Dialekt

GARGOOO! Can there be a finer call to get things moving? Surely not, at least not for a project about the Passeier dialect.

In 2021 the MuseumPasseier is looking for a new language for dialect.We are carving words into walking sticks. Dialect on the move – for emigrating, immigrating, loading, unloading, translating, transferring, changing, and carrying further. On a website we not only document the trails for the walking sticks – we even go a few steps further. We show just how light-footed and deep-rooted, wild and daring, independent and provocative dialect can be.

Concept: Albert Pinggera, Josef Rohrer, Judith Schwarz
Design: design.buero  
Web: Kreatif GmbH
Audio: Tonstube
Co-operation: Ötztaler Museen


Sponsored by the Euroregion Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino and the education boards of St. Leonhard and St. Martin in Passeier.